Princeton Shape Benchmark (2003)
1,814 models collected from the web in .OFF format. Used to evaluating shape-based retrieval and analysis algorithms.

ModelNet (2015)
127915 3D CAD models from 662 categories.
ModelNet10: 4899 models from 10 categories.
ModelNet40: 12311 models from 40 categories, all are uniformly orientated.

ShapeNet (2015)
3Million+ models and 4K+ categories. A dataset that is large in scale, well organized and richly annotated.
ShapeNetCore: 51300 models for 55 categories.
ShapeNetSem: 12,000 models for 270 categories.

SUNRGB-D 3D Object Detection Challenge (2015)
19 object categories for predicting a 3D bounding box in real world dimension.
Training set: 10,355 RGB-D scene images, Testing set: 2860 RGB-D images.

Labeled PSB Dataset (2010)
Contain the indices of faces belonging to each label per mesh.
The meshes and segmentations come from the Princeton Segmentation Benchmark.

A Large Dataset of Object Scans (2016)
10K scans in RGBD + reconstructed 3D models in .PLY format.
The RGB-D sequences were acquired with PrimeSense Carmine cameras. The resolution is 640x480, the frame rate is 30Hz.

Thingi10K: A Dataset of 10,000 3D-Printing Models (2016)
A large scale 3D dataset created to study the variety, complexity and quality of real-world 3D printing models.

ABC: A Big CAD Model Dataset For Geometric Deep Learning (2019)
One million Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models for research of geometric deep learning methods and applications.

More data will be updated